Christmas Island 2010

January 12, 2010 — January 14, 2010

A birding and photgraphy trip to see the endemics and other specialities (plus vagrants) of Christmas Island.

 Christmas Island 2010  Ethel Beach

We found this Cock way outside of town and it took me about half an hour to call him in with my best impression of Foghorn Leghorn! He was calling back to me but as soon as he saw us he was off like a shot, a truely magnificent specimen. These birds are 'feral' on the island.

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 Golf Course

The golf course is a great place to bird. The White-eyes are hard to see on the island. I got mine at the rear of the golf course. The Hawk-Owl was near the tea rooms. 

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 Track to Dolly Beach

A Malayan Night Heron was a highlight on this track.

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 Chinese Cemetary

Asian Koel was here ... the trick to finding these it to look for the fruiting trees.

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 Behind Sunset Apartments

Behind the Sunset Apartments and opposite the dive centre, there is a lady who feeds birds at dawn. Between about 6-6:30am, Java Sparrows and Tree Sparrows can be seen in the bushes in front of the dive centre.

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Written by

Geoffrey Jones

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