Christmas Island 1

February 15, 2007 — October 8, 2007

A few days on the island in 2007

 Christmas Island Photos  Christmas Island

Birding on the island for five days;

We visited the rubbish dump, golf course, land outside Rumih Tingi restaurant and along coast north from there, The Settlement, Flying Fish Cove, Poon San, The Plantation, LB3, LB4, The Dales, East-west Baseline Road, Waterfall Cove, Lily Beach, Casino grounds and tracks out to various lookouts and beaches. In fact look at EVERY bird you see on the island;-)

Check with C I Tourism for a birding guide to the island, full bird list and local map for all these locations.  

Note we saw Java Sparrow at Poon San and near VQ3 but latest news is they are not around Poon San anymore. Anyone finding Java Sparrows, please leave a comment.

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Seabirds 7 species
Christmas Frigatebird (Fregata andrewsi) 1 Seen mostly around northern coasts and also on landing
Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster) 1 Along north coast line
Abbott's Booby (Papasula abbotti) 1 Seen mostly around north west coast of island
Great Frigatebird (Fregata minor) 1 A few around northern coastline
Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus) 1 Around Port and coast
Lesser Frigatebird (Fregata ariel) 1 Three over Settlement and Flying Fish Cove
Red-footed Booby (Sula sula) 1 along north west coast and all around the island
Land Birds 6 species
Variable Goshawk (Accipiter hiogaster) 1 Followed us around in a couple of places
Java Sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) 1 Small flock around Poon San
Christmas Boobook (Ninox natalis) 1 Around Golf Course and streets north of Settlement at night.
Island Thrush (Turdus poliocephalus) 1 Abundant on forest trails
Christmas White-eye (Zosterops natalis) 1 Everywhere
Christmas Imperial Pigeon (Ducula whartoni) 1 In most forested areas



Written by

Alan McBride

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